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If you are already registered with Boyden Interim Management, you can use this area of our website to keep us up to date with your latest CV and contact details. We would welcome you to update us each time you have finished an assignment and modified your CV accordingly.

Updating your Details

When you click the link below to begin the update process, you will be asked to upload your CV in Microsoft Word format. Please do not upload a pdf. Top-and-tailing CVs with a cover sheet before they are presented to a client is common practice in our industry, and we cannot do this with a pdf document. You can rest assured that we never alter the content of CVs, nor do we present them to clients without the explicit permission of their owner.

You will then be asked to enter your contact details. If there have been any changes in this regard since you originally registered, we will override your old information with the new details you provide here. Please register a personal email address and phone number on which it would be appropriate for us to contact you regarding potential assignments. It is useful, is possible, for you to try and register, update and correspond with us using the same email address, as this is one method we use to ensure we are matching you to your file correctly and avoiding creation of duplicate files.

Lastly, you will be asked to 'code' your experience in terms of key industry sectors, roles and operational skills. We ask you highlight areas of significant strength only. Skills you select here will not override any you selected when you originally registered with Boyden, they will be added cumulatively - so you need not worry about remembering your earlier choices.

We review updates on a regular basis. Once you have completed the online process, your details will be updated on your file within our portfolio of Interim Managers. We will get in touch should we be working on an assignment which we believe will be of interest to you.

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